Saturday, February 4, 2012

The New Missouri Skies Blog

This is a test of my new blog.  I hope that I get into this a little more than I got into Twitter and Facebook.  Sometimes people start these things all gung-ho  with the intention of updating them every day but I doubt that I will do that.  I have learned with Twitter that it's fun at first but later, when the newness wears off,  seems to become more of a chore and a source of guilt for having neglected it.   I do like the relative ease with which this blog is to update.

The image seen here is a recent shot that I took at sunset.  I really like the reds and oranges and the structure in the clouds.  It was a surprise that it happened as I thought that the approaching storm from the west would have cut off the light from the setting sun.  This sunset quickly "shut off", however, and just a few moments later the skies were dark and uninteresting.  It's amazing how fleeting some of natures wonders are.  I have been accused of faking some of these photos but I don't.  It would be 100 times harder to fake them than to actually just wait and take the picture when the opportunity arises.  Most of the scenes that I capture are taken when most people are in bed in the morning or inside eating during the evening.
I am always shooting views such as this.  I seem to get a bigger kick out of it than most people.  I'm not sure why I like shooting this type of stuff but I do.  I've been doing ever since I was a teenager.  This year I celebrate 30 years in the hobbies of Astronomy and Photography.  The Missouri Skies web site also celebrates 15 years online.

I hope this blog goes well.  Thanks for taking a look.

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