Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why Photograph the Moon

I continue to photograph the moon whenever I get the chance.  The last time I did so I questioned myself as to the reason for doing this.  I asked:  "Why are you continuing to take images of the moon?  It hasn't really changed in 3 billion years.  Don't all of my moon images look the same?"  I came up with several answers and have decided to keep doing so.  Here are a few reasons that I came up with:

  1. Even though there are technically better images of the moon out there for viewing or purchase there's nothing quite like having one you've taken yourself.
  2. Even though the moon itself hasn't changed in billions of years it definitely doesn't look the same each time it is observed....and I don't mean just the phases that it goes through either.  The skies of Earth are forever changing whether it be atmospheric steadiness, cloud cover variations, earthshine brightness, and  
  3. Technology allows me to continually improve upon my photography.  It is so much easier to get good quality photos of the moon these days than it used to be.  Now, with the digital age, I can review my work instantly and make corrections as needed.  So my pictures of the moon have gotten better because of this.
  4. It's fun.  Nothing is more peaceful and fun to me than to relax on a warm evening messing around with my equipment while observing the sky.  Some people like to fish.  I like to observe and photograph the sky.
  5. I might catch something interesting some day.  I've taken lots of images of planes in front of the moon for example.
Those are just some of the reasons that I continue to photograph the moon, and the sky in general too.  So, in keeping with my revelation, here's another image of the waxing gibbous moon that I took recently with my 6 inch f/8 refractor telescope from my backyard observatory here in Northern Missouri:

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  1. I found your site while looking for information about possible aurora borealis sightings July 2012 in NW MO. I really enjoy your work. Thanks for posting it.