Sunday, August 5, 2012

Know Your Subject by Revisiting

I believe that it is very important as a photographer to revist a subject or place many times.  I first began doing this with the Old Brick Church and cemetery that is located just a few miles northwest of Albany, Missouri.  I returned to this small church hundreds of times in all kinds of weather and lighting conditions throughout the years.  I soon began to really "know" the place and  began to experience it as it really is in all kinds of light and weather.  In return I have gotten many images that show the true character of the place.  This can take years to accomplish but is worth it.

One can't gain a real appreciation for the Grand Canyon, for instance, without seeing it in all aspects of lighting and weather conditions.  Photographers can't simply drive up to it in the middle of the day, hop out of the car and take a photo, and then drive away to see something else.  If one had the means it would be better to visit it many times or even stay there and take it all in and study it.

I have done this with many areas in Northwest Missouri including Elam Bend, Seat Conservation Area, and many old churches and cemeteries.  My most recent concentration has been to visit Grace Farms several times and park out front and catch a good sunrise behind it. I have gotten several shots this way that really shows the character of the place including this one here:

If one wants to really get a feel for the character of a place then one needs to revisit it many times.

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