Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Lure of Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

Snow Geese at Squaw Creek (Copyright © 2016 Dan Bush)

I can't believe that I went almost 45 years through my life without discovering Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge near Mound City, Missouri.  I lived so close to this place and never really gave it much thought until I went over one time in 2012 and was changed for life.   I couldn't believe the stunning vistas, sounds, and overall atmosphere that can be found there.   It is almost like going on an African safari when going  there.   Driving down into the refuge from the east just off of I-29 is like driving into a different land.   Seeing up to 2 million snow geese on the refuge take flight all at once is something that can never be forgotten.  Photographs or video never do it justice but I try.

Now I have never missed a migration and don't plan to do so.  I find myself visiting the refuge 2 or 3 times in the Fall and then again in the Spring.   I have even found myself purchasing lenses for the sole purpose of photographing birds rather than for my initial passion of photographing the night sky. 

I will keep adding more thoughts and images to this blog when time allows. 

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  1. so glad to stumble your way again-have always loved your photos and understand about revisiting the same places-did that a lot in the Sierras and Cascades-now I live on 100 acres and avoid the home chores by watching wild birds and critters or caring for my rescue dogs-will check in again!